Elk Satellite Tracking in June

Elk Satellite Tracking in June, 2015

On 5th June, 2015, Center of Wildlife Breeding and Rescue in Hunan Province released a wild elk they saved, and deployed beast’s transmitter on it, which will track and investigate it for about six months. This product belongs to customizing one, weight only five hundred grams, which almost has nothing to do with the elk’s life after releasing. The transmitter uses solar power and is capable to tracking animal in the wild availably then transmits readings, to provide scientific data for the research of wild elk population’s inhabitation rules in Dongting Lake.

Scene of Elk Releasing (1)

Scene of Elk Releasing

According to the transmitted readings, up to the 11th June of 2015, the aimed elk has moved to the north east for about four kilometers. The tracking route is following:

Scene of Elk Releasing (2)

Start location(112.8483°E, 29.31082°N)

Terminal location(112.85028°E,29.37°N)

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11th Jun, 2015

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